Monday, April 6, 2009

Summer is Approaching

Well things here are finally starting to warm up for the summer. The average daily temps are reaching up to as high as 39 above. The ice is starting to melt off and the snow is getting soft. More and more people are getting stuck in yards and driveways thanks to the melting hard pack of ice that has formed throughout the winter. You now don’t have to go out and start your truck an hour ahead of time now. Most of the time during the day it retains enough heat that you can get away with just leaving. The sun is here until as late as 10 pm now. Its coming up at around 630 to 7 am every day. All I can say is, thank god for sunlight.  The animals are starting to stir around again and making life happy for us. We definitely welcome the birds, birds bring warm weather. The state guys are working full time plowing up the hard pack so we can finally see pavement and driveways and dirt roads again.

But the downfall to this time of year is that work is really hard to find, there is a lot out there, but there are twice as many people looking for work than there are jobs. So you better hope you keep what you got or get lucky and find a spot that you can fill. Just don’t let yourself get down and out. The locals here are all excited about the warm up, they can’t wait for the summer fishing trips and hunting weekends. We are all excited about the summer time coming around the corner. The land scaping companies are starting to get back into full swing and moving ahead with the projects.


BrendaO said...

It sounds nice. I really hope I can visit one day. Alaska has always been one of those places I wanted to see. You hang tough. Something will turn up - it always does. You seem to have a knack for always finding what you need. I love you and take care. Mom

Cynthia said...

Great to see you posting again, Raymond! We've been praying for you. I talked with your mom the other night and she said you've been sick, had travel troubles, etc. :( Sorry to hear about all of it, but we'll keep praying for God to use it all according to His will. Love you, RainMan!

Your family in Brazil

Ray Jordan said...

One day you will get to visit, the give us dividends up here so one day there will be a plane ticket with your name printed on the top off it, and no worries you will get to skip the Minnesota airports, they are no fun anyways. Cant wait for you to see this place in all its glory. We may even be able to get you up here before all the snow is gone for the season. Or maybe right as it starts to get here. Either way I think you will fall in love with this place just as much as I have.