Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ice Park 2009

Thursday night we decided to ride into town and go check out the Ice park. This is another locals event where everyone gets together and carves ice statues and figures. There are several different categories that you could enter, single block, and multi-block competition. The had made some ice slides for the kids and mazes and tunnels for everyone. You know I have seen some pretty cool stuff in my life but seeing what these people have turned big square chunks of ice into is amazing.

Here are the pics and videos


This was an awesome experience for me. The hot chocolate was good and the sights were breathtaking. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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Cynthia said...

Oh, Raymond! Those pics and videos are so cool! Joel said he'd do the human bowling thing - I probably would, too. :P Looks like you guys had a blast and that cute little boy (please, forgive me for not remembering his name) looked all sacked out there in his car seat. Thanks for sharing it all with us! Hugs and prayers from your family in Brazil!