Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chatinkia Days 2009

I was able to attend this events that apparently has been several years running. It consists of a bunch of locals from around the Fairbanks North Star Borough who appreciate the outdoor winter activities. The was great food, hot chocolate, and the smell of snow machine exhaust in the air. Great way to spend a weekend. This was first time at the event and i promise you next year I will be building my own outhouse to race down the road with the rest of ‘em. Yeah you read that right, the people build their own custom outhouse’s, attach skis, and then race to the bottom of the hill. The snow machines tied up and had their own kind of fun playing tug of war. The winner being an Arctic Cat M1000 Mountain Sled. The green one in the videos.  I am posting links to see the videos and all the pictures that i was able to take. I hope you all enjoy them. The human bowling was all kinds of interesting.

The Pictures and Videos You Want To See

That should take you to where you can view all the fun we got to have today.

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