Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Critters in the Neighborhood

You know back home we had to worry about raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, the very occasional bear, deer, and local dogs. Well up here in Alaska we have a little different concerns up here. DSCF5217This was a calf that was in my neighbors yard on the way to work this morning. He stands about 6 feet tall an the hump on his shoulders.

DSCF5215This is the Cow(mom) just a few feet away from the above pictured calf. She stands almost 8 feet tall at the hump in the shoulders. We have learned that Moose have a tendency to roam through you yard at any given time. They are for the most part harmless and unless they are startled. Once startled they kind of run in the direction of what ever it was that startled them, be it your dog, your truck starting in the morning, you calling your dogs in. I have two different ones on my front porch but couldn’t get to the camera fast enough to get some pictures of them. 

But on a different note, the days are getting much warmer. Its averaging around 20 to 30 degrees above zero now. Which is awesome. More snow, more daylight, and more days to ride the snow machines. Nothing like fresh powder under a rocking Skidoo Rotax 800 mountain sled. Wish you all could go for a ride with me sometime. Maybe one day it will work itself out.

I got to take a ride last week through Denali National Park. Holy crap what a beautiful ride. I was a little rushed for the trip as it wasn’t planned, a friend wrecked her truck and needed a way home so off i went without the camera. But man I don’t think a camera would capture any of this. But I am heading out there again sometime soon so I will remember to take the camera and show it to you all as best as i can.


Take care and I will see you again soon

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Cynthia said...

How cool to see moose! I'll have to show the kids your pictures. :) They'll enjoy them. Morgan has to do a science notebook this year with pictures of different kinds of animals in it. He's also doing book reports this year. Aaahhh! How can he be doing book reports already? He has informed us several times recently that, since he's 8 years old now, he's "almost an adult." LOL! Aydan turned 6 on Monday. They both remember at times to pray for you, Rain Man. We love you!