Friday, November 13, 2009

So The Winter Is Back

Some of you may pay attention to the weather here in Alaska, but I doubt it. For those of you that don’t, just to fill you in, the current temp is 5 above. Last night the coldest temp I saw was 15 below. The snow has been on the ground for about 3 weeks now with a good 4 inches. The trees, minus the evergreens, are bare and lifeless. The birds are gone, with exception to the Alaska Famous Dumpster Chicken (Raven). The like in NC with sea gulls you are not allowed to shoot them. The Natives have a spiritual tie to the Raven, they believe that they carry the soul onto a better place when a native dies. These birds are huge, they dig in your trash, the defecate all over your car, and you have no idea what its like to try and clean off frozen bird crap. Not as much fun.

You can see the tracks of a few snow machines out and about but there is still not quite enough snow to ride just yet. We are all starting to plug in the trucks at night. Nothing is as much fun as getting up and running outside when its 10 or so below and your in your pjs, and then you realize you forgot to plug in the truck and it’s frozen, yes I said frozen. That really sucks. Then when its 60 below and it is plugged and it’s still frozen, imagine how frustrated you can get then. That is cold enough for coffee to turn into vapor when you toss it into the air. I will have to make a point of recording that for you some time so you can all see that. It’s kind of cool.

Still warm enough to wear only blue jeans and a sweatshirt. We havent got to the bibs and carhart stage of winter yet. We still have another month or so before that hits.

Have a wonderful day and I will talk with you again soon.


Cynthia said...

Great to "hear" your voice again, Raymond! Send us a little snow for Christmas, pleeeeease! I'd bottle some heat and send it your way, if I could. :) You are frequently in our thoughts and prayers.

Love ya,

Cynthia and all the Dickens here in Brazil

P.S. Have you checked out our web site?
I do a blog post there every couple of days, and we have lots of pics up, too.

Ray Jordan said...

It was good to talk again. I have been trying for a long time to write on here but I have been still trying to deal with losing Anna, so I haven't been in the correct frame of mind to talk and wanting to share stuff you know. But I have been able to deal with that situation and come to grips with it, but I am still hurting and spending many nights shedding tears, but just taking life and love one day at a time. And I will be sure to start reading and keeping up with your blogs

Caroline said...

I am a lurker and so glad to see you blogging again. I live in the midwest, but have this dream of selling everything and moving to Alaska. All my friends think I am crazy, but hey I love cold weather and I LOVE snow.

Ray Jordan said...

its amazing up here and the snow is awesome