Monday, January 4, 2010

The Elf’s Special Calzone

     As some of you know my restaurant was featured on Diners, Dives, and Drive Ins this month.  Well I wanted to show you one of our biggest sellers on the menu. This is a step by step process to creating your own Elf’s Special Calzone.DSCF5047You have to start with 8 ounces of fresh dough. Then you go from there and get all good and floured up.

DSCF5048Roll it out till its about 14 or so inches across in the best circle shape you can manage.


Add your sauce and throw a good handful of cheese on top of it and spread it out to be about 6 inches across, yet again in a circle shape.


Start with you mound of pepperoni and make sure to cover all your cheese and sauce with the pepperoni.


Than throw on the onions, sliced and diced up nice and fine.


Now its time for the fungus, (mushrooms) to be thrown on. Slice them up nice and fine so they are about a quarter inch thick or so.


Now its time for the diced tomatoes. You have to make sure that they are not all juicy and what not. Of they are then all the juice runs out and make the crust soggy, and well that is no good.


And here are the green peppers and yet again sliced and diced and free from juice as well.


Now the Italian Sausage all nice and chunked up.


And now it’s time for another handful of cheese to be thrown on top to hold everything in place once the the cooking starts.


Now you have to make sure to stretch out the top half of the dough so you have enough to pull it over and roll up.


Now that’s what it should like at this point.


Roll all your edges up tight to the heart of the calzone and cut a few slits in the dough to it doesn’t blow up.


These two shots are what it should look like right before you throw it into the oven.


Now you need to have a convection oven for it to cook quik, and the temp needs to be 450 or better. At 350 the cook time is about 8 to 10 minutes. In and regular home oven 450 and about 14 to 16 minutes works just fine.


Here they are as they come out of the oven.


This is the to go version. Brush on some butter, and sprinkle parmesan cheese and dust on some basil and chives and there you go.


This is the dine in version, comes with a side or marinara and there you go. I perfect dinner for 2.


Hope you all make an attempt at making one of these for you to enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer as best as I can.


Brenda said...

Very good. I wish I could have one, hot of the oven, right there at the restaurant. Maybe one day...sigh. Thanks for keeping us updated with your life. Maybe you can post more often. Good to talk with you yesterday; I'll be praying for the things we talked about. Love you, Mom

TheWaveLife said...

We're rockstars! I was on the Today Show the other morning. Talking about NC banning smoking in bars. Crazy stuff. I miss you cuz and I know life isn't perfect but it's the only one we get. And I'm glad you're in mine...
Much love~Katie


T-T-Tommy said...

Hey dude. Cool walkthrough. One suggestion. I'd edit it a little and add instructions for how much of the ingredients to use. Remember, the average wannabe doesn't know how much is too much.

Use an easy measurement, like 1/4 cup of grated mozzarella cheese, or 12 pieces pepperoni, etc.

Do that, and you can probably start publishing these things professionally. If you do that, aline them left, not center. That will let visitors print them on recipe cards more easily!

Another idea, add a list at the top of the post that says "Here are the ingredients you'll need" and then they'll know what's required instead of having to read through it to figure it out.

Nice work, bro!

Cynthia said...

How dare you make me drool on my Wacom tablet?????? That's just rude, Rain Man! :D Oooohh, that calzone looks so good. Wish I could have one, but I'm not sure I trust myself to make it. I'm really not a very good cook. Is the dough a rising dough, like a pizza crust or a non-yeast dough like a tortilla? Looks like a rising dough to me, but thought I'd ask to be sure. My cooking skills are minimum; and when I'm making something new, I stick to a recipe like it's my last thread of life. :P

Thanks for the recipe, Raymond, and especially for the pic of you! It's a welcome sight. ;) We love you!

Cynthia (for Joel, Morgan, Aydan, Daniella, and Abigail, too)