Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday, Dec. 5th 2008

Well today is kind of warm outside, its around 25 degrees above zero. The snow is starting to melt just a tiny bit, but you can bet that tonight it will all freeze again and be back to crap ice. But you know what can you say. The clouds are thick and the sun is almost gone already. We down to about only 5 hours or so of daylight.  We are daily losing 6 minutes of daylight. So before too much longer the sun will be gone for good. But there are only 3 days of complete darkness.  From Dec. 22 to Dec. 25th there will be  no daylight at all.  Thanks to the winter equinox, meaning the sun is it at its southern most point in the sky. On the 25th day of December the sun will move 1 degree back to the north bringing back the warm days and more and more sunlight each day. Until sometime in mid June when the Summer equinox takes places, which means the Sun will begin to head south again. But you know there ain't nothing you can do about that, other than deal with it.  So you just have to find something to occupy your time and keep you happy and motivated until the sun comes back to high in the sky bringing back the warm days of summer. Oh and the we get like 3 months of daylight with no darkness. And man I love that time of year up here.


Well anyway its time for me to get to work and go make that money. Hope you all enjoy your days and nights until I get to write you again.

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This looks great. Maybe we can keep up with you now. Have a great day.