Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well Its Cold Again

Tonight the weather man says its supposed to reach -30.  Now this morning when I got up it was around 7 give or take a few degrees. Yesterday It was up to as warm as 25 and  better in some places. It snowed for most of the day with an accumulation of about 6 inches or so. It was nice to be able to be outside and enjoy the cold weather with the snow.

I am beginning to see to see what so many people have warned me about.  The winter time up here can be a very dismal time for yourself.  I am seeing some of the people that I know around here and watching some of the others start to get into what me and the rest of the world would classify as a "funk".  There is only about 4 hours of real daylight now. And I can understand why people are getting depressed. The work has slowed down a lot. The morale of the area is getting down and out. People are starting to just kind of stay at home and do as little as possible. Me personally, I am just doing what I always do, work and try to find something to do while I am not work or sleeping. Which all in all isn't to bad.  I guess I got lucky in the deal and got a few friends that have snow machines that will let me go and ride with them. I have friends are all about the idea of taking a road trip for the day or night.  So its not really that bad.

The snow is absolutely beautiful they next few days after. So its gets warm and snow falls and then it gets really cold for several days and the snow goes from white to like and ultra bright white. The trees are ultra white and just crispy and you can see it. 

Well anyway for now I hope you all enjoy the warmth of your winter time and I will catch back up with you all again soon.

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