Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Time Is Here

Well this is the first Christmas for me in the wonderful town of North Pole.  The town has been busy getting everything together for the events that are about to happen. I have no idea what they consist of but the radio has been buzzing about all kinds of stuff going on. I am heading out with the camera tomorrow to try and get some pictures of the town and what not.

Work has picked back up again, I am back to work at the pizza place delivering to all the hungry folks up here. Which is kind of interesting sometimes. Its amazing what some of the roads up here are like when they are covered in snow and ice.  Me and the dogs are enjoying the cold winter nights sitting at the house watching movies and as much TV as I can tolerate.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas' with your families. I am a long way from mine but they are all in my heart and my thoughts. I wish you all safe and happy trips to wherever you may be going to see your friends and family.  Best wishes to you all.  See you all again soon.

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BrendaO said...

I tried once before and couldn't post so here I go again. I like the site and hope you will update it frequently. Mom