Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome to 2009

Well New years eve was great and wonderful and trouble free. Had  blast with all of my new friends here in North Pole. The weather has taken a turn for the cold. It has been anything from -25 to -58 at its worst so far. Your vehicles freeze, even with the $350 worth of winterization I had done. Just so you know unless you go out and start your vehicle several times a day regardless of whether or not its plugged in, its going to freeze and you cant make it to work. Oh and another funny piece of knowledge, propane freezes at -48 or so. I am working at a pizza place here in town and we have had to close early several times recently because of the oven getting cold thanks to frozen propane tanks. Now granted being a pizza delivery guy, I am doing ok with the tips and what not because as you can imagine no one wants to be outside when its -20 or worse.  I wish I could get some pictures of what is called ice fog. You have no idea how horrible it is to be driving around all night long and its -45 and you turn your lights off when you make a delivery at a dark house and you turn to come back and you cant see your truck and its less than 20 feet away. You drive 25 to 45 mph and make sure to be as easy on your brakes as you can, cause I found tonight just how easy and can be to wind up in a ditch.  Going outside to start your vehicle is a horrible task that you must endure. Your hair freezes, your mustache freezes, you cant touch metal with bare hands. And I will get a video of what happens to a cup of hot coffee when you throw it into the air and its this cold. It turns to vapor. You have to see it to believe it. But like I said I will get a video of up here for you all to check out. Anyway for now I am going to get out of here and wish you all a wonderful year and happy lives. Just remember to enjoy all that you do and make sure to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you.

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