Sunday, January 18, 2009

Checking In

Well things are starting to turn cold again. The average temp is back down to 20's and 30's and daily getting colder. Which in my opinion is good. The snow is starting to fall again. Roads are easier to drive on. Traffic is moving faster. The mood has lightened. Its  just good. So I hope you all are doing well with your days and nights. Just had to stop in and say hello and see who all is there to talk with. Hope to here from you all soon.

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BrendaO said...

Sorry to hear your "heat wave" is over. Today was a little warmer than we have been having -- 48. BUT, we are under a winter storm watch and are expected to have SNOW tomorrow!!!! I can hardly wait. I don't want it to the extent you have; but I would like to have some. We may have 4 to 6 inches. Maybe I'll be able to send you some snow pictures. I had a busy weekend with a NCBBA board meeting that went on most of the day. The I just kinda lazed around yesterday between church services. Back today to working on W-2's and payroll reports. I guess I won't have any more time to watch movies at work until next fall. Take care of yourself. Love you, Mom