Sunday, January 25, 2009

Man The Weather Sucks

Well as most of you know the weather up here has been on a roller coaster. It has been extremely cold and now its back to kind of warm at like –10 up to 10. Everyone is fighting off colds and dealing with bad sinus’s.  The roads keep freezing and then thawing and then freezing again. We are gaining 7 minutes of daylight each day. The sun is averaging coming up sometime around 9 – 10 am and going down around 4-5 or so. Still not quite used to that idea. Everyone is burning up the trails and roadsides on their snow machines. Man I am so jealous of them, I want one so bad. But there is some good news, I think I am about to be taking a trip out to Summit or Eagle River to do some snow kiting. For those of you that don’t know what that is you can check it out on . Well folks i am going to run for now. Talk to you all again soon. 016

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Cynthia said...

Is snow kiting where you get on a sled in a large field and a kite pulls you along? A friend who lives on the prairies in Canada was telling about it on a site that I visit. Sounded really cool! Make sure you take pics and tell us all about it. :)
Love from all the Dickens,