Thursday, January 15, 2009

Man Its Hot

Well now its Thursday night and I am sitting at home wasting time and watching my room mate play the new Tiger Woods Gold Game. Mindless entertainment is a great thing up here. Well the weather has taken a huge turn to the warm side of life. It has jumped up to a high of 48 degrees above zero. Now if any of you read my posts from last week you will remember that it was -50 and worse. So as you can imagine all the snow and ice we have accumulated in the past 4 months is starting to melt away and roads are getting bad to drive on and trees are dripping. Don't think I am complaining about it being warm, but my complaint is going to be in a week or two when it drops back to -30 and what not. All that water and slushy crap leftover is going to freeze again and then we are in a world of hurt. The roads to Anchorage have been closed now for 2 days because of washouts. But man I tell you what the snow machines are out in force. You can hear them buzzing by the house and up and down the levees out behind the house. It makes me almost jealous that I don't have one, but that problem might be solved as well. But that will be another story to tell.

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